Ethiopia Gora Kone

Ethiopia Gora Kone

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Why are Ethiopian coffees so friggin delicious!!? While we could take you through a long winded journey of whyyyyy they're actually delicious, we'll just say it's just magic. And with that, this coffee is pure magic too. Loads of aromatic pineapple right up front (literally when we were roasting it, the place smelled like pineapple), calming lemongrass in the body of the cup, and this black tea like finish that literally reminds us of drinking peach iced tea. This is an experience!! Drink up!

Tastes like:

Pineapple, lemongrass, peach iced tea. 


All coffee orders are roasted fresh on Mondays and shipped on Mondays to ensure you get a freshy. All coffee orders will be fulfilled on Mondays. Last chance to place orders are Sundays by midnight.