Ethiopia Suke Quto

Ethiopia Suke Quto

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One of the most soothing and delicious Ethiopian coffees this year is our Suke Quto from Guji, Ethiopia. Suke Quto Farm is killing it, not only in how their coffee's are coming out so silky smooth and sweet at the same time, but in also how the farm supports their own local community with local school initiatives and producing environmentally friendly coffees. BUT the biggest kicker is that this coffee is like a gentle kiss to your cheek, followed by a slap to the face to wake you up, followed by one more kiss to the cheek. I know it sounds abusive, but when it comes to a coffee. tasting like this, you're gonna like this one. Lots of tangerine sweetness/acidity, wild passionfruit aromatics, with a clean floral finish. Drink it. 

Tastes like:

Tangerine, passion fruit, floral


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