Ethiopia Natural Yirgacheffe

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Don't like Ethiopian coffee? Sure you do! That was a dumb question! This coffee is straight up everything you love about natural Ethiopian coffee: sweet, sugary, berry like and balanced. Basically tastes like a bunch of strawberries kissed you right on the mouth, and then his buddy, licorice, comes by and out of nowhere punches you right on the face. Then afterward a delicious pie goes all Good Samaritan on you and nurses you back to health. Something like that. It's one of the most delicious natural processed coffees we've ever offered and we're super stoked on it. Enjoy it as a filter coffee, espresso, iced coffee, cold brew, soft brew, hard brew, medium brew, dry brew, and ultra dry brew (made up, like, the last 4...but soft brew literally exists). 

Tastes like:

strawberries, licorice, marzipan.


All coffee orders are roasted fresh on Mondays and shipped on Mondays to ensure you get a freshy. All coffee orders will be fulfilled on Mondays. Last chance to place orders are Sundays by midnight.