Ethiopia Hunda Oli

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Another ridiculous Ethiopian coffee to add to the shopping cart. This washed process Ethiopia comes from the Kata Muduga Multi-Purpose Farmer’s Cooperative Union in the Jimma Zone of Ethiopia. The cooperative processes coffee with eco-friendly Penagos machines, which use minimal water. All that is awesome, but the best of it comes when brewing this sucker. Lots of tropical fruit aromatics on this coffee, especially when freshly ground. We taste lots of tea like characteristics, like a calming cup of black tea, sweet honey, and hints of jasmine. As it cools down, more of that tropical fruit/lychee come forward, even notes of blackberries were noticed in this. It's an awesomely complex coffee, whether you want it as a hot or cold brewed coffee, espresso, or whatever. Straight up fire with the Hunda Oli. 

Tastes like:

lychee, jasmine, honey


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