Kenya Kieni

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New Kenya be like, whaaaaaaaat?! We got ourselves another must have. This delicious AA coffee comes from Kieni Factory in Nyeri County, Kenya and managed by the Mugaga Farmers Co-Op (a group known for its emphasis on high quality). This delicious piece of delicious comes out the gates with  big time pineapple aromatics and acidity, followed by an undeniable guava like body. The end finishes nice and evenly with a sugar browning effect to round out the acidity. It's sweet, complex, and we're about it. Get em!

Tastes like:

pineapple, guava, sugar browning.


All coffee orders are roasted fresh on Mondays and shipped on Mondays to ensure you get a freshy. All coffee orders will be fulfilled on Mondays. Last chance to place orders are Sundays by midnight.