Ethiopia Tabe Burka

Ethiopia Tabe Burka

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Ethiopian coffee FTW!!!! We got yet another deliciously clean and chuggable coffee that'll make you smile. Like, big smiles. Like, I just asked that person out on a date and they said yes, kinda smile. 😘. Coming from the up and coming region of Uraga in Guji, Ethiopia is this coffee from the washing station of Tabe Burka. Like we said, this coffee is CLEANNNN. Lots of sweet raspberry up front that morphs into this deliciously smooth black tea to complimemt that raspberry, moving intothis deliciously clean finish. Telling ya it's clean. It tastes clean. Did we say clean yet? It's clean. CLEAN!  Aighty you get the point. Get it cuz if you don't you ain't doin life right. 

Tastes like:

Raspberry, black tea, clean 


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