Peru Gallito De La Roca

Peru Gallito De La Roca

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Peruvian coffee is the new new. Sure, sure, one of the owners of Recreational is Peruvian and we have some bias towards it's coffee, but this coffee is the stuff. Coming from the family owned and operated farm from owner Milceades Minga and the two family generations that farm it, this coffee is 100% single origin (all Caturra coffee) and tastes right. It's got it all. Big thick cherry up front, and tastes like what you think a cherry smelly marker tastes like, warming hazelnut with a little bit of a cinnamon spice to it, and finishes off with chocolate. Because WHO DOESN'T LIKE CHOCOLATE in their coffee. No one! That's the answer! Y'all need this coffee. Order it and be blessed. 


Tastes like:

Cherry, hazelnut, chocolate


All coffee orders are roasted fresh on Mondays and shipped on Mondays to ensure you get a freshy. All coffee orders will be fulfilled on Mondays. Last chance to place orders are Sundays by midnight.