Colombia Rosa Aza

Colombia Rosa Aza

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We're excited to drop this new coffee on you all! From the area of Colombia that always churns out unreal coffee, Nariño, comes this banger. Lots of juicy stone fruit coming out of this bad boi, some smooth honey like characteristics to calm that sucker down finishing with some nice caramelized sugar at the end. It's just a beautiful coffee that's sweet enough to make all the young kids all like "this HITZ DiiiiiiffEreNT!!" and calm enough for the old folks to be like...."ah yes. Colombian coffee. This wondrous and exquisite coffee feels calming to the senses, relaxing to my bones and hits different." It's the coffee that brings the generations together at last. Order up!

Tastes like:

peach, honey, brown sugar


All coffee orders are roasted fresh on Mondays and shipped on Mondays to ensure you get a freshy. All coffee orders will be fulfilled on Mondays. Last chance to place orders are Sundays by midnight.